Tesla transports batteries with Semi electric truck (Video)


Tesla Semi electric trucks now transport battery packs from the Gigafactory 1 in Nevada to the EV maker’s facility in Fremont. At the same time, a whole slew of videos and photos have appeared, showing the trucks on the road.

This marks the first official deployment of Tesla’s Semi, prompting CEO Elon Musk to celebrate with an Instagram post showing the two electric trucks and titled: “First production cargo trip of the Tesla Semi heavy duty truck, carrying battery packs from the Gigafactory in the Nevada mountains to the car factory in California”.

The trip is 400 kilometres long but the distance presents no major challenge for the Semi trucks: even the basic version of the electric truck is equipped to handle a range of 480 km, while the beefier versions can reach as far as 800 km in one sitting, according to Tesla.

As of mid-December the Tesla Semi truck is available for pre-order off the company website. The cost for a reservation runs at 20,000 dollars, at least for the “Founder series”. In three European countries pre-orders are also being accepted;, namely Norway, the Netherlands and Greece.

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