Mar 9, 2018 - 03:57 pm

Your move, Elon


On billboards for the Kona Elektro, Hyundai is directly addressing Tesla mastermind Elon Musk just as Audi did last year. It’s printed „Your turn, Elon“ in large letters. 

This message shall remind Musk and everybody else that Tesla’s potential competitor for Hyundai’s Kona Electric – the Model Y – is announced but still far from production. After some delivery issues earlier this year, Tesla has managed to catch up with their own ambitious expectations, however their competitors have been busy as well!

While the Californian brand is still the biggest seller of EVs in the USA, the most popular model was recently announced to be the Chevy Bolt. Whether Tesla can maintain their dominance of the electric mobility market as competitors ramp up EV production remains to be seen!


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  1. Casey

    Interesting poke at the guy who they got most of their designs from since he open-sourced his designs. Maybe have a little self-respect as a company eh

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