Every second plug-in was sold in China in 2017


The latest Electric Vehicle Index by McKinsey establishes China as the leader in electric mobility. In 2017, almost every second PEV sold was registered in China, where more than 600,000 plug-in cars found buyers.

That is an increase of 72 percent compared to 2016. Also on a global scale, the trend points upwards as electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle sales cross the million unit mark. According to the McKinsey report, 1.2 million new energy vehicles were registered around the world last year.

In Europe, demand grew by over a third in 2017 as 306,000 plug-ins translate to plus 39 percent. After Norway, Germany has risen in the ranks to become the second biggest market with 58,000 electric and plug-in hybrid cars sold.
A similar picture paints the USA. There, 200,000 newly registered electric and hybrid vehicles are an increase of 27% compared to 2016.

The McKinsey results match a ZSW survey which looked at total numbers. By the start of 2018 the number of vehicles with electric motors, range extenders or plug-in hybrid systems have reached a global 3.2 million units. The ZSW researchers saw China in the lead as well with around 1.2m NEVs driving around the country.

The trend appears to continue in the People’s Republic. The latest EV sales data for January and February registered growth to up to 480% more. Both January as well as February were particularly strong months for purely electric vehicles. BEVs now outsell plug-in hybrids.

Also in terms of production, China is taking a prime position, according to the McKinsey EV Index. Chinese brands hold a 41 percent share of the global market. Japan follows with 19%, Germany with 18%.

The analysts relate the growth to favourable EV policies with subsidies making up for up to 40 percent of the car price. Furthermore, Chinese buyers can choose from over 100 electrified models, many of them unknown on Western shores. (in German)


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