Mar 12, 2018

SK Innovation kicks off construction of Hungarian plant

SK Innovation has broken ground for the construction of its battery cell facility in Hungary. Battery cells worth 7.5 GWh will eventually be made here. Production is to begin by 2020 and the area measures 430,000 sqm.

SK Innovation has stayed almost on schedule since it first published its plans for a European production of battery cells last November.

The new facility in northwestern Komárom will cost the Koreans 734m dollars. The lines will start rolling by 2020 after construction is to be completed in late 2019. By 2022, full capacity of 7.5 GWh is to be reached. That is nearly double the capacity of SK Innovation’s plant in Seosan, Korea, where annual capacity is 3.9 GWh.

Hungary has presented a unique opportunity to SK Innovation with Audi opting to build electric cars there as well (we reported). Furthermore, both Suzuki and Continental can be found close by. Most important though is that one of SK Innovation’s best customers, Daimler is in Europe. The Koreans already make all the batteries for the Mercedes PHEVs.,


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