TenneT, The Mobility House & Nissan start V2G project


Transmission system operators TenneT, energy provider The Mobility House and carmaker Nissan have formed a joint venture to establish a pilot project for vehicle to grid (V2G) charging in Germany.

The pilot project foresees the batteries from a number of Nissan EVs to be used in northern and southern Germany to test the possibility to deal with local power grid overloads. If the project proves successful, the technology may soon be applied all over Germany.

The first results of the tests are expected to be released in the first quarter of 2019.

“We use e-vehicle batteries, which can store electricity as well as to feed it back into the grid, for redispatch, in other words, to dispel transmission bottlenecks in the grid. That takes the strain off the electricity grid and helps us to limit expensive curtailment of wind turbines,” says Lex Hartman, a board member of TenneT TSO GmbH.

Due to the increasingly decentralized sourcing of energy, particularly when looking at renewable sources, V2G may play a significant role in ensuring the viability and integration of electric vehicles in the modern economy.


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Jaron Jenschke
11.12.2021 um 12:10
Hello Mr. Randall, i'm a german student and i'm interested in V2G. Can you tell me where i can find the result of the test? Thank you very much! Best regards JJ

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