Mar 18, 2018 - 03:37 pm

Italy’s Icona presents autonomous EV Nucleus with H2 REx


Italian design studio Icona has brought a concept electric car to Geneva. The Nucleus is ready to drive itself and up to six passengers. 4 electric motors from Elaphe are powered by a 300 kilo battery made my Bolloré supported by a hydrogen range extender.

This set-up is said to propel the electric car’s range to 1,200 kilometres. Each wheel hosts an electric drive with a power of 110 kWh. The battery capacity has not been specified and more interesting is the hydrogen range extender. The latter holds 5.3 kilos at 700ps, according to Icona.

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For Icona it is not the first step onto electric terrain. Two years ago, they launched the Icona Neo, an all-electric concept as well but with less room and rather tame performance data but a light weight of 720 kilos.

The Nucleus weighs more than two tons but still “jumps two generations ahead” says Icona as it is capable of driving autonomously at level 5. Consequently, the design studio conceived the EV without a steering wheel or dashboard. The seats can be adjusted to different use, rotating to face the desk or transforming into a couch.

Icona was founded by a former boss of design studio Bertone and an ex chief designer at Nissan. The studio specialises in concept cars of which the Nucleus is one. Nothng has been said about future production plans.,

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