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Daimler to pull expertise from all sites for GLC F-Cell


Daimler’s plug-in with fuel cells is coming together through symbiosis as Mercedes is banking on expertise from various subsidiaries and neighbouring specialists. The GLC F-Cell is to launch this year and so Daimler talks details.

The GLC F-Cell, made its debut at the IAA 2017, then as a concept. With its launch imminent, Daimler has detailed what the fuel cell plug-in will be made of – an ensemble of components from Daimler subsidiaries and close partners around the world.

German EDAG for example, will help Mercedes to integrate the drive into production and has opened a new facility in close proximity to the Daimler factory in Bremen. The pre-series GLC F-CELL will be produced at the Mercedes-Benz Tech Centre in Sindelfingen though.

Daimler subsidiary NuCellSys signs responsible for the fuel cell stack as well as the hydrogen storage system of the GLC F-CELL and sits in the Stuttgart area. The system will be assembled at Daimler’s Untertürkheim facility.

The fuel cell stack itself however, lies in the hands of Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell (MBFC). Based in British Columbia, Canada, it is the first factory in the Daimler production hub family that specialises in fuel cell stacks.

Lastly, the Li-ion battery will be made by Daimler’s Accumotive in Saxonia. The GLC F-CELL combines its hydrogen drive with a plug-in battery.


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  1. Dr. Miguelito Loveless

    Skip the fuel cell stack, concentrate on the Li-ion battery tech.

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