JSW Energy expands strategy to utility vehicles

Image: JSW

JSW Energy, the energy subsidiary of the Indian steel company JSW has decided that they do not only want to produce electrified personal vehicles, but also include electric utility vehicles in their lineup.

In front of this backdrop, the company also announced their plan to back up their new e-mobility strategy by adding to their currently standing investment of 40 billion rupees up to 65 billion rupees (about 973 million dollars) to be spent on e-mobility. To be more specific, the money will flow into production capacities for vehicles and batteries as well as charging infrastructure over the next 3 to 4 years. Agreements with the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra have already been made for the construction of factories.

JSW Energy is planning to construct electrified cars, as well as electric buses and small trucks. According to statements by CEO Prashant Jain, the buses look like they will be ready for serial production first, saying , “we are hopeful that the buses will hit the market over the next two years, while the rest will take some time.” Last summer it had been announced that the first electric car by the brand would be ready in 2020.



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