Green light for eHighway pilot in Germany


The German environmental ministry has given the green light for the eHighway pilot to look further into the electrification of long distance hauling trucks via pantograph. Project partners are Siemens and Volkswagen.

Siemens will be covering the development of a pantograph for the eHighway System, while Volkswagen will be leveraging their Swedish subsidiary Scania for the hybrid truck and accompanying research.

Two Scania trucks will be used with different electrification voltages on the hybrid motor on three different test tracks in Germany. As of early 2019, the first truck will be test driving on public roads on the A5 south of Frankfurt, later adding stretches of the A1 near Lübeck and the B442 near Gaggenau, as soon as the overhead rail infrastructure has been completed.

The research project will serve to test how long distance road transport can be made more environmentally friendly. Alone in Germany, it is estimated that truck transportation creates about 56 million tons of CO2 emissions each year. Exactly how much can be currently relied on electrification for the transport of goods will be established in the project.,


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