Frisco’s Scoot Networks coming to Europe


Scoot Networks, the electric scooter sharing company from San Francisco, has just set up its European HQ in Barcelona. Catalonia’s capital now also got about 1,500 electric two-wheelers to share at their disposal and Scoot plans to take shared mobility further.

Scoot Networks first set out in San Francisco back in 2012 but has wanted to expand since and Europe appears to be first on their list. Their launch on the continent is accompanied by a fleet of 500 electric scooters and hundreds of electric bicycles that have been made available in Barcelona.

The scooters get as fast as 80 kph with a range over 100 km. The pedelecs on the other hand, assist riders up to 25 kph. Scoot Networks has turned to Spanish firm Silence for the electric scooters. Also the electric bicycles have been custom-designed to the needs of bike sharing, and include features such as the ability to lock to bike racks.

Barcelona is also home to Scoot Networks European operations and as in San Francisco, the shared mobility company has been working closely with city officials. States Scoot’s Barcelona General Manager Enrico Sargiacomo: “Our goal is to complement cities’ existing mobility infrastructure to ensure that Scoot is improving urban transportation for citizens.”

Catalonia’s capital will likely prove a good choice for Scoot Networks to start out. With Bicing, the city has one of the most comprehensive bike share systems in Europe, although it is reserved to actual citizens only. Scoot Networks however, will be available to anybody that downloads the app.

The company plans to enter additional cities across Western Europe and the Americas over the next year.
In San Francisco, Scoot Networks currently has about 700 electric scooters and plans to add another 500 this summer.

Update: This article has been updated. After stating that there would be 1,000 pedelecs released in Barcelona, Scoot Networks Spanish arm got back to us, asking to change this to “hundreds of bicycles” as they do not wish to share the exact number yet.


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