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Toyota & Seven-Eleven launching fuel cell project


The basic agreement to use hydrogen and fuel cell transport to power convenience stores in Japan more sustainable had been made already last year. Now Toyota and Seven-Eleven agreed on a more detailed plan and schedule to launch fuel cell trucks and renewable energy storage systems.

Seven-Eleven operates convenience stores all over Japan 24/7 and has teamed up with Toyota to make their operations more environmentally-friendly by utilising green energy from hydrogen and by introducing zero emission logistics and decarbonised store.

The plan that has now been unveiled in more detail includes stationary fuel cell generators and rechargeable batteries to store solar energy.


The batteries may reuse cells from old batteries of hybrid vehicles. Building energy management systems (BEMS) will manage both battery and generators centrally, raising the proportion of renewable energy and electric power derived from hydrogen. Moreover, electric car charging stations will be installed that are V2G capable.

Also outside the stores, Seven-Eleven aims to green their operation. They will deploy a newly developed small fuel cell truck from Toyota that utilises technology from the Mirai. The truck includes a freezer unit also powered through the fuel cells. Seven-Eleven will be the first to deploy the fuel cell utility vehicle (we reported).

The partners will roll out the project across Japan in stages throughout 2019. Both Toyota and Seven-Eleven will measure performance, costs, durability, and CO2 reduction effects with the aim of promoting further deployment of similar hydrogen solutions.,


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