GM and Honda to develop next gen batteries


General Motors and Honda have announced a battery cooperation for future electric vehicles. Both manufacturers want to work on the development of next generation battery components and technology.

The declared goal of the cooperation will be the development of battery cells with improved chemistry. The cooperation deal also includes access for Honda to GM’s new battery modules. The cooperation is mainly aimed at development for the north American market, and the duo has already begun with a cooperation on fuel cell systems.

Reports indicate that this particular battery cooperation may have a major impact on battery prices and manufacturing costs for EVs over the coming decade. The new battery is called EME 1.0, and was first mentioned past Fall. The battery is a smaller module than the current battery commonly seen in EVs, and can charge faster while maintaining a higher energy capacity. The report also mentions that GM is planning to halve the costs of battery manufacturing, which currently stand around 10,000 dollars and make up the most expensive component for EVs in GMs manufacturing line.

The battery cell supplier will likely be LG Chem. Apart from the cell component, the EME 1.0 battery is mainly based on internal GM designs. The Americans also plan to lower the cobalt portion of the batteries, and increase the nickel proportion. This is a measure that several initiatives are currently attempting. The GM batteries could begin production by 2021.

While GM is focusing on the north American market with Honda, more and more projects are aiming towards the Chinese market. Just days ago, General Motors opened a battery factory in Shanghai to supply batteries for the growing automobile production the nation. The factory is run by a joint venture between GM and SAIC. GM is planning to release at least 20 EVs on the market by 2023, including two BEVs based on the Chevy Bolt.,


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