Jaguar connecting with Plugsurfing for premium charging


Jaguar Land Rover has opted for Berlin-based Plugsurfing to offer a “premium charging service” for the I-Pace electric car and Range Rover PHEVs. The partnership includes 70,000 charging points across Europe to be accessed through JLR apps.

The inclusion in the Jaguar and Range Rover app will allow electric car drivers to pay for the service with their phone as well. JLR customers will also receive a universal charging card that allows them to use Plugsurfing’s 70,000 charging points in Europe.

Users can choose between two packages and either pay a fixed monthly fee or charge their electric Jaguar or Range Rover PHEV with Pay As You Go. Each package is available through the Jaguar and Land Rover dealer network.

Moreover, the apps also show Jaguar and Land Rover electric vehicle drivers whether a charging station is available or occupied. Drivers can choose to rapid charge before reaching their destination or charge at normal speed upon arrival.

Mick Cameron, Head of e-Mobility, Jaguar Land Rover, said: “We are aiming to simplify the charging process through simple accessibility, usability and payment in one solution. With the number of accessible charging points rapidly growing as new operators work with the Plugsurfing network in major markets throughout Europe, it helps our customers to be working with the leading provider.”

The idea of Plugsurfing as “leading provider” has recently been bolstered up when the startup was taken over by Finnish Fortum (we reported). The merger has now come into full effect as Plugsurfing users have been granted access the Nordic network Charge & Drive run by Fortum. This means the Plugsurfing charge key unlocks about 3,400 electric vehicle charging points across Norway, Finland and Sweden. Moreover, about 30 per cent of Fortum Charge & Drive charging stations are fast-charging enabled. (JLR cooperation); Fortum news via email


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