Nissan-Dongfeng JV plans 20 EVs by 2022


The joint venture owned by Nissan and Dongfeng at 50% each, has announced a green roadmap, which contains plans to develop and launch 20 new electrified vehicles by 2022.

The document effectively outlines the joint venture’s strategy for the next five years. A core point of the plan is to launch 20 new electrified vehicle models between their four subsidiary brands. Some will be fully electric, while some will take advantage of Nissans e-Power technology. The companies plan to make 30% of their profits by 2022 from these electrified models.

The JV is also working on new regeneration technology for batteries, in order to help minimise waste. What exactly they are working on was not stated, however. The spokesperson said that the recycled batteries would find use in commercial energy storage systems to help provide grid stabilisation for communities and industry.

To boost production, DFL (Dongfeng Motor Company Limited) will be introducing energy saving techniques, as well as constructing three solar parks and the establishment of a “smart” water system. The explicit goal in these measures is to reduce energy consumption by 20% and water consumption by 35%, as well as a corresponding lowered CO2 production level. The joint venture also has calculated investments of 1 billion Yuan (130 million euro) to modernise their paint shops and to reduce volatile organic compounds emissions by 50%.

The results of the cooperation can already be seen in shape of the Sylphy Zero Emission. In June, the Japanese automobile manufacturers opened the books for the BEV presented in April at the Beijing Motor Show. The vehicle was developed in cooperation with Dongfeng and will be the first electric Nissan vehicle available in China. The basic price after subventions is at 166,000 Yuan, or 22,000 euro.,,,


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