Sep 5, 2018 - 02:36 pm

Is JLR banking on Samsung cells?


Jaguar Land Rover will be investing in Samsung battery cells soon, according to insiders. Apparently the Brits are interested in the cylindrical battery cells from Samsung SDI for future models as of 2020. The Korean battery manufacturer will reportedly upgrade their Hungary factory with a new production line for 21700 cells.

In the currently only electric JLR model, the I-Pace, pouch cells from LG Chem are being used. The potential swing towards cylindrical cells can be viewed as a proof-of-concept for Tesla, which has been using the cylindrical 21700 battery cells from Panasonic for their Model 3. The Californians were very impressed with the energy density in the batteries, which have the highest density “ever used in an electric car”, according to Tesla.

Samsung presented their new battery cells at the Detroit Motor Show recently, also strongly hinting at a new battery format, which would also be based on the cylindrical 21700 cells. The capacity is said to be increased 50% from the 18650 cells.


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