LG opens new battery factory for Chevy Bolt


In order to boost GM’s Chevy Bolt production by more than 20% this Fall, as planned, a new LG factory is being set up in Michigan, where they will supply battery packs to the GM assembly facility in Orion, where the Bolt is being manufactured.

This was announced in a statement on LinkedIn from GM boss Mary Barra. GM also expanded their battery development facility, and is apparently now capable of completing almost all battery testing under one roof. This will reduce development time and cost.

At the start of July, the automobile manufacturer announced their plan to boost the Chevy Bolt production by 20% over the Fall, mainly due to increased commercial demand for the vehicle. The specific numbers had increased by 35% from the previous year, which prompted GM to make some production changes.

Independently of this development, GM is also taking part in a research project by Delta Electronics, where an “Extremely Fast Charger” (XFC) is being developed for EVs with a performance of up to 400 kW. For this, GM is providing a prototype with a 290 km range which can be charged in less than 1o minutes.

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