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MAN presents wide-ranging electric truck portfolio


MAN Truck & Bus has a whole range of electric commercial vehicles on display at the IAA in Hanover. Their portfolio includes the eTGE electric van, the brand new electric CitE truck, the eTGM and, an electric bus prototype.

Clearly, the Volkswagen label MAN is to cover all classes of city logistics, be it light, medium or heavy duty (3 – 26 tons) with a zero emission vehicle. Joachim Drees, Chairman of the Executive Board at MAN Truck & Bus AG confirms, “We believe that the future of goods and passenger transport in the city is electric”.

Let us start light with an electric van that has been presented before but is now ready to go serial. The eTGE is in fact MAN’s first series electric vehicle and will be produced in Poland, alongside the eCrafter and the regular Crafter.


This brings us to the next EV, MAN’s eTGM, an all-electric distribution truck. The 26 ton electric truck features a motor with 264 kW power and 3.100 Nm peak and will likely be made in Poland as well as it features the same performance as said eCrafter.


Entirely new at the IAA Comercial Vehicles is the CitE, an electrically driven city truck, which MAN considers the “highlight of the show”. The 15-tonne vehicle, which was developed in just 18 months, was designed for inner cities and has a range of 100 km. The low entry height and especially wide doors allow for easy access in crowded conditions.


Last but not least, MAN is showing a close-to-series model of their electric city bus. The MAN Lion’s City E has a central motor on the axle, which frees space for passengers. The batteries are mounted on the roof and allow for a range of up to 270 kilometres and can be charged in just three hours, according to MAN.

A demo fleet of electric buses will be tested in different European cities in every day use from 2020, before series production of the battery-electric version of the new MAN Lion’s City will finally begin.

To find MAN at the IAA Commercial Vehicles, feel free to download our comprehensive guide to all things e-mobility here >> The electrive E-Mobility Guide (pdf)


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Christy Hanley
20.10.2018 um 02:14
When will e-truck be in production and for sale in Ireland?

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