Jaguar I-Pace delivered to Germany in limited volume


Jaguar has begun delivery of it’s I-Pace e-SUV to German customers. The manufacturer said there is only a limited volume of vehicles available during the first year in the German market. Additionally, Jaguar has specified the prices for their charging cooperation with Plugsurfing.

Jaguar had announced their German launch of the I-Pace with a but as the large global demand has resulted in further delivery delays already. In any case, the volume produced for the German market is apparently quite limited, as Jaguar is scrambling to keep up with the orders for their electric vehicle.

This means simply putting the 77,850 euro on the table is not sufficient, at least not if you want to receive an S, SE or HSE version, where you will also have to invest some significant waiting time before delivery. For those who would rather lease the I-Pace than purchasing their own, a 36 month lease-period with a total performance allowance of 45,000 km, will cost a 15,570 euro down payment, coupled with a monthly fee of 759 euro.

The I-Pace was first presented in early March in Graz, and the order books have been open since April. With the above-mentioned price, the I-Pace is more expensive than a Jaguar SUV with a combustion motor, but cheaper than the Tesla Model X, which has been on the market since 2015. Further information regarding to the technical specifications of the I-Pace can be found here, and our German edition did a complete road test of the vehicle, which heaped praise upon the e-SUV.

There are also fresh details regarding the charging cooperation with Plugsurfing. Via the cooperation, I-Pace drivers can purchase a charging flat-rate for 45,80 euros per month. This would allow them to charge for free for 30 minutes at public charging stations, with every following minute costing 42 cents. At AC charging stations, the first 60 minutes are free, with another 8 cents being charger per minute afterwards. Plugsurfing maintains a network of about 70,000 charging stations across Europe., (Both in German)


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