Dutch taxi driver defies Tesla to use Superchargers freely


Free access to Tesla Superchargers is increasingly restricted as the number of Tesla electric cars increases. This is true for new owners but also commercial businesses such as chauffeur services. Now, an exception has been made, ruled by a Dutch court.

Early adopters of Tesla cars were promised free charging for life. Since then, the rules have changed in order to accommodate for all EV drivers. One such measure was to exclude all commercial users from free Supercharger use (we reported).

However, in the Netherlands one Tesla taxi driver operating at Schiphol airport that has a local Supercharger defied the ruling. He took Tesla to court in Amsterdam, where a civil service judge ruled in favour of the claimant, who insisted that when he bought his Tesla Model S in 2014, Tesla knew he would use it as a taxi and still committed to free and unlimited charging. The judge agreed and the driver may now continue to charge his taxi for free at the Superchargers.

While this is just one case, it may have set a precedence for other commercial Tesla owners to disagree with the new rules.

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