Series-ready hybrid yacht from Sunseeker and RR


British luxury yacht manufacturer Sunseeker International and Rolls-Royce have agreed to present the first production yacht with hybrid propulsion system from Rolls-Royce subsidiary MTU next year. The new system was recently unveiled at Boot Düsseldorf.

The hybrid propulsion system comprises of two diesel engines, each with 1,432 kW, onboard power units, electric drive modules, transmissions, batteries, control and monitoring systems and can be extended modularly. The yacht will be equipped with six different operating modes, including the automated modes “Smart Hybrid” and “Charge Hybrid”, which allow all power sources to be used as required, according to an accompanying press release.

In the “electric mode”, the yacht’s drive and onboard power supply are permanently provided by the generators. The “silent mode”, in which only the power of the batteries is used, enables 40 minutes of propulsion per pair of installed batteries and up to 120 minutes of onboard power without any emissions.

“The way owners are using their boats continues to evolve with efficiency and noise reduction now as important as features and volume which all contribute to their ultimate purchase decision,” says Sean Robertson, Sales Director at Sunseeker International.rolls-royce-mtu-sunseeker-international-hybrid-yacht-overview-system-en

Knut Müller, Head of Marine and Government Business at MTU, agrees: “The combination of diesel engines and electric motors, in addition to batteries and their variable areas of application, offer yacht owners significant benefits. Silent cruising, combined with low vibration and emission levels, offer tremendous gains in terms of onboard comfort.” He added that “We believe that the focus in the future yacht industry will be more and more on smart and innovative system solutions rather than just focussing on the power output level.”



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