Feb 28, 2019 - 04:04 pm

Berlin: BVG orders 15 Solaris buses


The Berlin-based public transport operator BVG is entering the next phase of electric bus procurement and ordered fully electric articulated buses for the first time. After the BVG Supervisory Board recently approved the award of the contract and the objection period has expired, Solaris has now been awarded the contract.

The Polish manufacturer is expected to supply 15 articulated electric buses for use on the BVG 200 line from spring next year. The new vehicles will be loaded for the first time by pantograph at the terminal stops. The quick-charging stations required for this will come from Siemens. The vehicles and infrastructure will be procured as part of the “E-MetroBus” research and development project, in the course of which the so-called occasional shop will be tested on the high-frequency Berlin public bus network.

The contract is worth around EUR 14 million, with the BMVI providing EUR 5.6 million for the “E-MetroBus” project. Solaris is now preparing to deliver Urbino 18 electric buses. Each is 18 metres long and can accommodate 99 passengers.

morgenpost.de, bvg.de


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