New hybrid systems E-TECH & E-TECH Plug-in by Renault


At the Geneva Motor Show, Renault will present the E-TECH modular hybrid system in the new Clio, which combines an internal combustion engine with two electric motors and a small 1.2 kWh battery and was designed to cover up to 80% of urban traffic with electricity.

In addition to this hybrid drive, which will be used in the new Clio from next year, Renault also announces the externally chargeable “E-TECH Plug-In” variant, which will also be available from 2020 for the Captur and Mégane models.

The electrification of Clio, Captur and Mégane does not come as a surprise, but with an announcement: they are part of Renault’s strategy called “Drive the Future“, which envisages 20 electrified models by 2022, including eight fully electric models.

By the way, the Clio will be hitting the market with it’s fifth generation in 2020. The new model has a 1.4 cm cut length, but should be more spacious inside than the current version. According to Renault, the body has been lowered by up to 3 cm in order to achieve better aerodynamics and more athletics.,


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