In the Netherlands Qbuzz orders 160 electric buses


Qbuzz, the public transport operator in the Dutch provinces of Groningen and Drente, have ordered no less than 160 electric buses. 60 should come from Ebusco, 45 from VDL and 55 from Heuliez. The buses should be in service from mid-December.

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The order is worth almost 100 million euros. In concrete terms, the vehicles ordered from Ebusco are electric buses with a range of up to 400 km for local transport, while VDL and Heuliez will supply 18-metre-long electric city buses.

By the end of the year, about half of Qbuzz’s fleet will be made up of electric buses. By 2030, the Dutch transport company intends to have a fleet that is 100 per cent CO2-free. The public transport specialist is not only focusing on battery-powered buses. They recently announced that they also wanted to buy ten more hydrogen buses, so that 32 H2 coaches will be on the road in the region in future.

Update 3 December 2019: There was a small change in the order, which was not communicated. A few days ago, Qbuzz put 164 E-buses into operation in Groningen and Drente – four more than were mentioned when the order was placed in March. Specifically, these are 60 Ebusco 2.2, 45 VDL Citea and 59 GX 437 from Heuliez – instead of the planned 55 E-buses from Heuliez.

The charging infrastructure comes from Heliox. A total of four depots in different cities have been upgraded, and only 23 fast-chargers with 300 or 450 kW charging capacity are available along the routes.



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