Tesla Models S and X now fitted with new drivetrain


Now it’s official: Tesla has revised its premium vehicles Model S and Model X and is now offering both cars with a more efficient powertrain, which among other things,  gets around ten per cent more range from the same 100 kWh battery.

The new drive combines a permanent magnet motor at the front with an induction motor at the rear and features silicon carbide power electronics as well as further optimizations. According to Tesla, this enables efficiency of over 93 per cent and now gives the Model S with 100 kWh battery a range of 370 miles in the EPA cycle and 610 kilometres in the WLTP cycle. For the Model X with 100 kWh battery, Tesla gives range values of 325 miles (EPA) and 505 km (WLTP) respectively. According to Tesla, the update also improves the sprint abilities of both models.

The rumour that Tesla might also rely on the 2170 cells of the Model 3 for the Model S and Model X has not been confirmed – according to Tesla, the battery corresponds to that of the predecessor models. In the USA prices for the revised Model S and Model X with 100 kWh battery start at 78,750  and 83,950 U.S. dollars respectively and in Germany 91,000 and 94,800 euros respectively. In Austria, the price starts at 91,200 euros and 95,800 euros respectively. Swiss customers put at least 102,800 Swiss francs for Model S and 107,800 Swiss francs for Model X on the table. All prices in Germany and Austria are subject to a processing fee of 980 euros. In Switzerland, this is 990 Swiss francs.

In addition, Tesla is reintroducing the basic version with “standard range” for both models, which is 285 for the Model S and 250 EPA miles for the Model X (WLTP: 450 and 375 km respectively). In the USA this variant starts at 68,750 and 73,950 U.S. dollars respectively, in Germany, this variant of the Model S starts at 81,500 euros and the Model X at 85,300 euros. The base price for Austria is 81,700 euro and 86,300 euro respectively. In Switzerland, Model S in this variant starts at 92,100 Swiss francs and Model X at 97,100 Swiss francs. All prices in Germany and Austria are subject to a handling fee of 980 euro. In Switzerland, this is 990 Swiss francs.

Finally, the revised Model S or Model X can now be charged at a faster rate: With up to 145 kW of second-generation superchargers and up to 200 kW of third-generation superchargers. Tesla’s press release on the improvements promised that “Together, these improvements enable our customers to recharge their miles 50% faster.” Tesla only presented the new generation at the beginning of March. Charging capacities of up to 250 kW are even possible on these Superchargers. Only Model 3 can continue to benefit from this maximum charging capacity.

Other innovations include an improved suspension system, with fully-adaptive damping, giving it an ultra-cushioned feel on the highway or using Autopilot. Tesla says that the associated suspension software is fully developed in-house and can receive over-the-air updates. According to the Californians, the wheel bearings and the design of the tyres have also been overhauled for some vehicle variants, which also affects the range, handling and steering.

It was only at the weekend that Tesla presented a new technology for autonomous driving as part of its “Autonomy Day”, which will be installed in all new vehicles with immediate effect. The new autopilot computer developed internally by Tesla has already found its way into Californian vehicle production: Since last month it has been installed in Model S and Model X, and since this month also in Model 3. Against this background, Tesla intends to launch a “Robotaxi” service as early as next year, provided that the authorities follow suit.

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