Tesla: Model 3 leasing from $399 / Iceland + Czechia


With Tesla having launched the new Model 3 leasing scheme only about a month ago, the first changes adjust the monthly rate as well as a down payment – favourably so for those in the States. Meanwhile, new stores are to open in Europe.

The new monthly rate for a base level Tesla Model 3 starts at 399 dollars per month, down from $504 with the payment due at signing going up from $3,000 to $4,500. Still, the deal checks out over the initial leasing programme.

Interestingly though, lease clients will not be offered the purchase of the electric car once the contract runs out. Instead, Tesla says it wants to use the models for its upcoming robot-cab service that builds on the latest autonomy features. A corresponding car-sharing software will be ready next year but will run under supervision at the beginning, especially before it is rolled out for EV drivers to share their cars in a peer-to-peer approach.

But back to the present and over to Europe where Tesla has opened new locations in the Czech Republic and Iceland. While you can find Tesla cars in both countries already, drivers have had to order and buy somewhere else. Now, Tesla is launching a service centre in Prague and will also sell directly to costumers in the Czech Republic from there. The same will happen in Iceland and Tesla is currently recruiting for a sales and service centre in Reykjavik., (leasing), (CZ & Iceland)


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