Taskforce 40 CRM4EV goes live


The project Taskforce 40, Critical Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles (CRM4EV) of the International Energy Agency HEV technology collaboration has now finally gone live with a web presence and first results.

The role of the site, as well as the Taskforce behind it, is to support the participating counties and participants, with some of their work to be made publicly available particularly infographics on various materials and topics.

Raw resource materials have become an increasingly important subject, as the world prepares to switch to new energy mobility, as the initial investments are large. Amid issues such as forced labour, child labour and poor mining conditions, the global value chain for materials critical to EV production, such as cobalt, needs to be looked at more closely.

Next to assessing the current and future availability of critical materials, as well as ongoing monitoring, Taskforce 40 aims to analyse supply and demand scenarios, environmental impacts, recycling processes and responsible sourcing. The collective approach here will make the work for participants and those to aim to benefit from their work much simpler. The project was launched last April and will continue on to April 2021.

If you would like to learn more about the Taskforce 40 CRM4EV, they also plan to appear at this year’s EVS32 in Lyon, on the 21 and 22 of May. There they will host a workshop together with AVERE, as well as put environmental and social sustainability for EV raw materials under the microscope. Follow-up sessions will then look at a good speed for the energy transition to electric drives, as well as the current and future supply of materials. Speakers include industry experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the European Lithium Insitute, AVERE, Elbil-Norway, Uslan University, The World Bank as well as members of the Taskforce 40 itself. By inviting members not only from different aspects of the industry but from different parts of the continent, a particularly holistic approach can be taken: The approach needed to transform a global mobility and logistics industry.



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