Netherlands: Kia and Plugsurfing charging cooperation


In the Netherlands, Kia is offering a new charging service to the buyers of their electric cars and plug-in hybrids. In cooperation with Plugsurfing, customers will have access to more than 47,500 charging stations in the Netherlands and more than 110,000 charging stations throughout Europe.

Charging can be started via the Kia Public Charging Solution App or an RFID charging key. As usual, the app offers search filters based on charging performance (900 of the charging points are fast loaders) and price. According to the announcement, billing should be flexible – either as “pay as you go” depending on the charging process or in a subscription model.

This is to cost Dutch customers 9.99 euros a month, but offers a fixed price per kilowatt hour. For alternating current this is 0.24 €/kWh, for direct current charging points 0.53 €/kWh. Pay as you go” billing involves the respective charges of the charging station operator, which can sometimes be higher. Buyers of the e-Niro already receive a credit of ten euros on their charging key.

In the Netherlands, Kia offers the electric Niro from 42,510 euros. However, only the version with the larger 64 kWh battery is available there. In the neighboring Germany, for example, the electric Niro with 64 kWh is already available from 39,090 euros for equipment reasons, while the 39 kWh version is available for at least 35,290 euros in the price list. Prices for the Kia e-Soul (Germany from 33,990 Euro) are not yet fixed for the Netherlands. (PDF), (Niro)


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