Jun 6, 2019 - 10:02 pm

Norway: Electric car sales continue steady climb


Norway remains the electric car nation number one with sales reaching new heights almost every month now and making for a considerable market share. In the month of May the trend continues, especially for all-electric cars, while hybrid vehicles are on the decline.

To be precise, Norwegian authorities registered 4,655 new electric cars this May. That is 1,741 more (+ 59.9%) than in the same month last year. Purely electric passenger cars thus accounted for 35.5 per cent of all new registrations. In comparison, the market share in May 2018 was 22.3 per cent. On top, 635 used zero-emission cars changed owners, which is 392 fewer (- 38.2%) than in May 2018. In total, 5,290 passenger cars with zero emissions were first registered (new and used imported) in Norway this May.

On the part-time side of EVs, 3,792 new hybrid cars made up a market share of 28.9 per cent in new sales – 14.4 per cent less than in May last year. The decline is stronger for plug-in hybrids with 1,445 PHEVs finding new buyers last month, that is 1,159 fewer (- 44.5%) than in May 2018.


Overall, May continues the trend to opt for all-electric cars, albeit a little slower. 4,462 electric cars were registered in Norway in April just passed for example.

ofv.no/bilsalget (in Norwegian)


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