Coup e-scooter sharing adds prepaid minute-packages


Bosch’s e-scooter sharing service Coup is now offering prepaid by-the-minute packages without a minimum rental period in Berlin, Paris and Madrid as a new alternative. Users can choose between three different packages with 100, 200 or 500 minutes each.

According to Coup, the minimum rental period does not apply to the purchase of a minute package. In Berlin, this is for ten minutes. This should make short trips in city traffic easier. Coup did not specify whether the new price model is a reaction to the recently released electric kick-scooters in Germany, or else following critique that already led to recent price changes earlier this year reportedly.

In the old price model, one minute of driving time cost 21 cents – with the minimum rental period, that adds up to at least 2.10 euros. With the new minute packages, prices will drop slightly. The 100-minute package in Berlin costs 19.90 euros, the 500-minute package 89.90 euros. The price per minute is therefore between 18 and 20 cents. The packages purchased in Berlin, however, can only be used there. Since the prices according to Coup are based on the local market level, the packages in Madrid and Paris differ slightly.

In addition, the day and night flat rates are changing: If a scooter is rented more than 120 minutes, in the future automatically a 24-hour fee of 25,20 euro takes hold- thus the rent accrued up to then with 0,21 cent per minute. So far there was a 12-hour day or night subscription for 20 or 10 euros.

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