Jul 10, 2019 - 01:26 pm

Tesla Model 3 CHAdeMO compatible in the USA


The CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla is now also compatible with the Model 3. This means that the latest Californian vehicle model uses pretty much any charge columns if required. Meanwhile, preparations for the production of the Model Y seem to be underway in Fremont.

While CCS has established itself as the DC charging connection in Europe, the European standard and its Japanese counterpart CHAdeMO are on a par in other parts of the world. Only Tesla went a different direction in the USA with the Superchargers early on.

So far, only drivers of a Model S or Model X were not only dependent on Tesla’s proprietary charge plug, but they could also use a 450 dollar adapter to the CHAdeMO cables from third-party suppliers. This adapter was, however, not compatible with the Model 3 – despite the fact that the charging socket on the vehicle side is the same in the USA. Tesla has now added the CHAdeMO adapter to the official list for Model 3. As the carmaker confirmed, the North American Model 3 can use the adapter as of firmware 2019.24.1. It is the same hardware, so owners of an older model do not have to buy a new adapter for their Model 3.

The innovation is only valid in the USA. In Europe, Tesla has decided on a CCS connection for the Model 3 – and thus allows DC fast charging not only on the CCS converted Superchargers, but also on the DC chargers of other suppliers.

However, the compatible CHAdeMO adapter was only one of the smaller issues for Tesla to address, as the vehicle factory in Fremont will soon be undergoing changes on a completely different scale: Preparations for the production of the compact SUV Model Y are already underway, and another increase in production is planned to follow.

Jerome Guillen, Tesla President of Automotive, wrote in one letter to the employees that Tesla was working on increasing output. But added: “Although we can’t be too specific in this email, I know you’ll be happy with the developments ahead.”

By the end of the second quarter, Tesla had reached a production rate of 1,000 Model 3 per day, according to the company’s account. Throughout the quarter, the average was 797 Model 3s per day and 160 units of Model S or X. At this point, several scenarios are possible: Since Model 3 production is slowly but surely reaching its capacity limit, it could be changed. Or the production of Model S and X is being restructured – because a planned change is imminent anyway or the planned volumes have changed. Either way, it seems that Tesla is trying to make room for new production lines.

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