Jul 16, 2019 - 12:25 pm

Tesla updates pricing again


Tesla has again made various changes to its model price range. The most important updates are as follows: The Standard-Range versions of the Model S and Model X are out (again), while the Model 3 is now cheaper.

The sedan Model S and the SUV Model X will now only be available in two versions: After the discontinuation of the “Standard Range” version, there will only be the “Long Range” and “Performance” versions.

For the Model S, this means that the base price for the vehicle will rise to a starting price of $79,990 in the US. In the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), German customers will have to pay 86,000 euros, Austrian customers at least 87,000 euros, and Swiss customers 97,400 Swiss francs.

For the Model X, now that the cheaper “Standard Range” has been discontinued, the “Long Range” is the cheapest model in the series going for $84,990 in the US, 91,700 euros in Germany, 92,700 euros in Austria, and 100,590 Swiss Francs in Switzerland.

The “Performance” versions of the two vehicles have also become more expensive, for the simple reason that the “Ludicrous Mode” option for maximum acceleration is now activated ex works. The basic price of the Performance model has thus risen but is still cheaper overall than the previous models with Ludicrous Mode.

For Model 3, all three versions – “Standard Range Plus”, “Long Range” and “Performance” – will remain, but will cost less. The cheapest model with rear-wheel drive and 409-kilometre WLTP range will still cost, for example, $38,990 in the US. According to media reports, the Model 3 Standard Range is still available off-the-menu in North America.

For those wanting to purchase a Model 3 in the DACH region of Europe, the cheapest model with rear-wheel drive and 409 kilometres WLTP range still costs 43,390 euros in Germany, which is 1,100 euros cheaper than before. In Austria, the Model 3 has a base price of 45,700 euros, and in Switzerland, 44,990 Swiss francs. The all-wheel-drive Long Range model (with a range of 560 kilometres according to WLTP) now costs 51,390 euros in Germany, while the Performance model just became 9,200 euros cheaper and now costs 55.390 euro in Germany. In Austria, the Model 3 begins with Long Range with 56.100 euro and/or in Switzerland with 54.990 Swiss Francs. For the Performance model: 61,890 euros in Austria, or 59,990 Swiss francs in Switzerland.

Otherwise, the vehicles are just the same – Elon Musk recently confirmed on Twitter that there are no technical changes to the models. The Model S and Model X were last revised in April: when the much more advanced electric motors of the Model 3 were also brought into the other models, which greatly increased the efficiency of the powertrain. With the update, the range increased by up to ten per cent.

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