Las Vegas: Tesla opens Supercharger park


Tesla has opened a large charging park in Las Vegas that unites the entire Tesla ecosystem – the new V3 superchargers, solar roofs and battery storage.

The charging park is located on the premises of Ceasars Entertainment, a gambling company. The 29 new charging points will be made up of 24 supercharger stalls of the latest generation (V3), whereby each have up to 250 kW charging power, as well as 15 wallboxes (Tesla Destination Charger) for those parking for longer.

The roofs of the fast charging stations are equipped with solar modules from Tesla, whose energy is stored temporarily in Powerpack batteries. Powerpacks, unlike Powerwalls, are designed for commercial use.

The Powerpacks are to be charged with solar power during the day and supply the site with electricity at night. The location seems well chosen: In Nevada there are many hours of sunshine and many Tesla drivers live around Las Vegas. According to media reports, another Supercharger location in Las Vegas already counts 6,500 charging processes per month, with the new charging points, this can increase by 1,500.

Tesla had introduced the new V3 Supercharger in March. New control cabinets with an output of 1 MW and liquid-cooled cables should now enable charging capacities of up to 250 kW per supercharger. At least as important: the previous power split between two adjacent charging stations is no longer necessary with the new generation. Each vehicle can therefore charge at maximum speed.

Using the Model 3 with long-range battery as an example, Tesla explained in March that at peak times energy for 120 kilometres can be charged within five minutes. According to Tesla, the duration of a typical charging stop on the Supercharger will be reduced to 15 minutes with the new technology.


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