Nissan expands V2G cooperation with EDF

Nissan is expanding their cooperation with Électricité de France (EDF) in the field of vehicle-to-grid charging of electric vehicles. The agreement now applies to Great Britain, France, Belgium and Italy.

The cooperation agreement stipulates that Nissan will sell V2G-compatible electric cars and that EDF will offer the corresponding V2G charging solutions and related services. Additionally, this does not mark the first cooperation for the two partners.

Last year, EDF Energy and Nissan signed an agreement in the UK to work together to develop joint offerings in the areas of electric mobility, smart charging, use of batteries in Second Life, energy storage and renewable energy sources. The new agreement follows this agreement. Under the agreement, Nissan will be responsible for the sale of V2G compatible electric vehicles. EDF Group, on the other hand, is responsible for V2G charging solutions and related services.,,,


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