Webasto begins battery production in Germany


The automotive supplier Webasto has started the production of batteries for electric vehicles in Germany. The production of battery packs for a European bus manufacturer has begun at the Schierling site in the Regensburg district – albeit with purchased cells.

From the beginning of 2020, the company will also be manufacturing its self-developed standard battery system for commercial vehicles in the Regensburg district. According to the company, Webasto has invested eleven million euros in the development of the multi-product line.

“We have successfully entered this market with our innovative future mobility products and the first buses with Webasto batteries will shortly take to the streets of major European cities,” says CEO Holger Engelmann. Three years ago, Webasto decided not only to further expand its core business with roofs and heaters, but also to open up additional business segments in the field of electromobility with charging solutions and battery systems. “With the commencement of our in-house battery production activities we are opening a completely new chapter in our almost 120-year corporate history,” Engelmann explained.

At the Schierling in the Regensburg district, cells supplied by Samsung SDI are assembled into battery packs. The aluminium battery boxes, on the other hand, are manufactured at a plant in Hengersberg plant and transported to Schierling for assembly. According to Webasto, the company has invested 18 million euro for their electric mobility project in the Hengersberg plant where they have set up a testing and prototype construction facility for batteries.

Since the board decision in 2016, the company has not only in experts for electric mobility into its company but has also sought synergies with other areas of the company. The company says that, for example, existing expertise in thermal management or the company’s own electronics production are helping with the new project.

Webasto is also preparing to enter the Chinese market. The development and production of battery systems will be located at the new Webasto site in Jiaxing together with roof production. According to the announcement, the opening is planned for the beginning of 2020.


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