Oct 8, 2019 - 05:10 pm

Mercedes-Benz to work with Iberdrola in Spain


The Spanish energy group Iberdrola will supply and install charging stations for all private and commercial buyers of Mercedes-Benz EQ models and supply them with green electricity in Spain.

The project will initially run for three years. Mercedes-Benz will incorporate Iberdrola’s Smart Mobility Plan into its marketing process for electric vehicles in Spain. Access to Iberdrola’s public network of shops will also be made easier. The Mercedes models can also be charged for free for a period of six months.

Roland Schell, president of Mercedes-Benz España, said: “Our objective is to support the transition from the internal combustion engine to the electric vehicle by facilitating the installation of recharging points during the sales process.”

The two companies say that they will work together to continue pushing forward the rollout of the public recharging network in Spain. Iberdrola is following its plan for sustainable mobility, which envisages the installation of 25,000 charging stations for electric vehicles in Spain by 2021. 16,000 of these are to be built on houses and the remaining 9,000 on company car parks. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz intends to generate more than half of its sales with its electric models in 2030.



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