Oct 16, 2019 - 01:26 pm

When will Tesla release the Model Y?

Tesla allegedly wants to accelerate the launch of its Model Y. When the model was presented, Tesla had announced that it would be launched in autumn 2020, but according to a media report it could be half a year earlier.

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While Tesla’s corporate website still reports a planned production start from “early 2021”, “CleanTechnica” reports, citing two independent sources, that production of the Model Y at the Fremont plant will be brought forward to the 1st quarter of 2020.

According to one source, the Model Y is likely to be the first dual-engine model with a long-range battery to enter the market. The Standard Range Plus version will follow once production has started.

Another media report from sources closer to Tesla also supports this information. A photo recently showed some pre-production vehicles of the Model Y on a car transporter. The picture is said to have been taken near the Fremont plant. Besides, Electrek also writes that production should start in the spring of 2020 – but without mentioning a source.


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The photo shows only a few changes compared to the official pictures published in March 2019. There seems to be some detail in chrome applications and new rims – Electrek speculates that this could be the basis for new “Aero Wheels”, covered with an aerodynamic hubcap like the Model 3.

CleanTechnica, on the other hand, claims to have learned some technical details from its sources. Model Y, for example, is supposed to take over many of the components of Model 3, but not be a technical clone. The Model Y, for example, will be equipped with a new type of flex cable with a “revolutionary circuit”. This should reduce the cable length in the car and enable each component to have a redundant connection to the battery and control units. Besides, the manual effort in the factory is to be reduced, since robots will now be able to lay large parts of the simplified wiring harness.

Update 24.10.2019: Tesla commented on the rumors as part of the publication of the figures for the third quarter. In summer 2020, as announced at the presentation, Tesla will start production of the Model Y in autumn 2020. So earlier than expected, but not in the first quarter.

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