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NIU joins e-bike market, presents new electric scooters


At the EICMA in Milan this year, Niu presented three new electric scooters for the M, N and U series, as well as an e-bike – with which the Chinese scooter manufacturing giant enters the market for electric bicycles. The new scooter models and the Niu Aero EB-01 electric bike will be available in selected countries in early 2020.

The new M Series MQiGT electric scooter that seats two, has been given a speed boost for a new top speed of 70 km/h (44 mph), running on a 3,000 W Bosch rear hub motor and a single or dual 2 kWh battery. The manufacturer was so kind as to put range into more concrete terms, stating a maximum range of 135 km (84 miles) running at 25 km/h (15 mph), down to 55 km (34 miles) if driven at the top speed of 70 km/h. Each of these values applies to the dual battery option.


Upgrades for the N series, the NQiGTs Pro, were more extensive, as larger wheels were added, next to a 3,000 W Bosch rear hub motor, upgraded suspension and dual 2.1 kWh batteries and a total capacity of 4.2 kWh. Here the max range is set at 150 km (93 miles) when travelling at 25km/h (15 mph), with the lowest range of 70 km/h when travelling at the top speed, which is the same 70 km/h as the M series above.

Finally, Niu also presented their U series update, the NIU UQiGT Pro, which also benefits from larger wheels for increased stability, and a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) and lightweight design. The Bosch hub motor in the rear wheel has 1200W. The maximum range for the newest electric scooter in the U series is 85 km (53 miles), with a minimum of 50 km (31 miles) when riding top speed the whole way.

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  • niu-uqigt-pro-eicma-2019-03-min
  • niu-uqigt-pro-eicma-2019-01-min
  • niu-nqigt-pro-eicma-2019-03-min
  • niu-nqigt-pro-eicma-2019-02-min
  • niu-nqigt-pro-eicma-2019-01-min
  • niu-mqigt-eicma-2019-03-minniu-mqigt-eicma-2019-03-min
  • niu-mqigt-eicma-2019-02-min
  • niu-mqigt-eicma-2019-01-min
  • niu-family-eicma-2019-01-min
  • niu-aero-eb-01-e-bike-pedelec-eicma-2019-02-min
  • niu-aero-eb-01-e-bike-pedelec-eicma-2019-01-min

What is entirely new is Niu’s addition for the electric bicycle market, the Niu Aero EB-01 electric bicycle. The e-bike is equipped with Panasonic battery cells, Shimano derailleur and Bafang motor. “The NIU Aero EB-01 is the most energy-efficient urban mobility vehicle NIU has ever designed. The product is a perfect combination of NIU e-scooter and NIU Aero bicycle, bringing a world-class leisure riding experience,” commented Dr Yan Li, NIU Technologies’ CEO. The electric bike features a 1 kWh removable battery and a top speed of 25 km (15 mph) in the EU or a 28 mph in the USA (45 km/h). The rollout of all vehicles in the US is still underway, and the scooters have passed all DOT requirements so far, so Niu expects to start deliveries in Spring. Prices were not mentioned in the press release.


Niu continues to grow as it stretches out across the rapidly-growing micro-mobility and electric-vehicle sharing markets. Last year, the company experienced an increase of 92.1 % in net sales compared to 2017 – mainly due to the 79.2 % increase in sales of electric scooters. Earlier this year, the Chinese mico-mobility giant signed a cooperation agreement with Volkswagen.

With the latest updates and the new release at the EICMA show, Carl Liu, NIU Technologies’ VP of Design, said, “We see many millennials switching to e-scooters for their daily commute; the first thing they consider ahead of purchasing, is whether it makes them look good and whether it addresses their generation’s needs and expectations.” Niu has also presented a collection of sweaters and hoodies because they say users desire more bond to the Niu brand.,


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