Dec 14, 2019 - 05:13 pm

Charging park GOFAST fights fake news


Gotthard FASTcharge (GOFAST) recently opened one of Switzerland’s largest fast-charging parks at a service station, using eight Nissan Leaf batteries as a buffer. “Fake news” of a diesel generator being used circulated so stubbornly on social media, however, that GOFAST now took counteraction.

In a video broadcast on social media, a man subsequently claimed that a diesel generator was being used instead of the buffer battery at the Swiss charging park in Würenlos.

This has now been shown to be a “classic” case of fake news as GOFAST reacted and provided photos that prove what is really inside the container: the Nissan-Leaf batteries, as claimed.

  • gotthard-fastcharge-gofast-wuerenlos-richtung-zuerich-schweiz-switzerland-ladestation-charging-station-2019-002-min
  • gotthard-fastcharge-gofast-wuerenlos-richtung-zuerich-schweiz-switzerland-ladestation-charging-station-2019-003-min
  • gotthard-fastcharge-gofast-wuerenlos-richtung-zuerich-schweiz-switzerland-ladestation-charging-station-2019-001-min

The fake news reporter has now corrected the claim, yet the original video continues to circulate.

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