Dec 14, 2019 - 04:57 pm

Porsche teams up with Electrify Canada


Porsche Cars Canada announced an agreement with Electrify Canada where the VW subsidiary will provide buyers of the first fully-electric Porsche, the Taycan, with three years of free charging at Electrify Canada’s public charging stations.

For customers in Canada who buy a new Taycan electric car, Electrify Canada has agreed to provide three years of charging at its chargers, subject to specific terms and conditions. The charging process is limited to 30 minutes, which should quickly offer enough time to charge the Taycan. The operator advertises that the vehicle can charge from 5 to 80% charge in 22.5 minutes on a 350 kW DC charger.

Electrify Canada’s plan is to open 32 fast-charging stations through 2020, which will each feature an average of four chargers, most of which will deliver 150 kW, with at least one 250 kW fast charger per site. This is a marked set up from the 20 announced in October. However, it bears to keep in mind that the company only broke ground on their first high power charging station site in September.

The company will have to get to constructing quickly, as the Taycan drivers may need more charging stations than that – the recent EPA analysis of the vehicle’s range did not show very positively, as it was given a 201-mile range, significantly under Porsche’s initial 300-mile range. The European WLTP range test had given the vehicle a 280-mile range.

The charging benefit for the purchase will be included in the price of any Porsche Taycan, which retail starting at $119,400 for the Taycan 4S, $173,900 for the Taycan Turbo, and $213,900 for the Taycan Turbo S.

Volkswagen’s diesel-gate redemption subsidiary established the Canadian arm of Electric America in June 2018 as reported. Electrify America is concentrating on setting up charging stations near highways and in metropolitan areas around British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec with said for columns each on average.,


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