VW ID.4 to have its world premiere this spring


The ID.3, which is finally due to be launched this summer, will probably be followed by ID.4 already this year. Two media outlets now claim to know more details about Volkswagen’s first e-SUV – including the location and time of the world premiere.

According to the German auto news site Automobilwoche, the ID.4 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. According to information from Autocar, however, the e-SUV is not to be shown until April at the New York Motor Show. Possibly both statements are correct, and the appearance in New York will be the US premiere. In April, the next Auto China will also take place, another important trade fair for the ID.4 – after all, it is to be built not only in Germany but also in the USA and China.

Over the life cycle of the ID.4 (seven years is usual in the car industry, but there are also deviations), Volkswagen is expecting two million units worldwide. This figure will also include derivatives of the e-SUV, such as an SUV coupé.

For a long time, there was speculation about the final model designation of the electric car. Some rumours said ID.4, others ID.5. If one believes Autocar, both could be true. The British car magazine assumes that the Tiguan-like e-SUV will come as ID.4, the coupe, which is more of the dynamic study ID. Crozz is to bear the model designation ID.5. Automobilwoche, on the other hand, calls the model ID.4 a Coupé. Both news sites agree on one point: the SUV coupe is to be presented later this year and will be produced from 2021. In 2021, a performance version is also to be introduced, which, as reported, will bear the suffix GTX.

Technical data for both SUV models are not mentioned. The ID presented in 2017 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Crozz came up with a power of 225 kW, of which 150 kW is accounted for by the popular rear engine and 75 kW by a second engine on the front axle. The range was given at over 500 kilometres. It is not clear whether this will also be the series status – or whether there will be a variant with a smaller battery and only one engine. The premiere in March or April should reveal all.

What is already clear is that the ID.4 and ID.5 will have very worldly beginnings compared to the ID.3. The specimens for the European market will be produced together with the ID.3 in Zwickau. In the USA, the US plant in Chattanooga has been prepared for the production of MEB vehicles since autumn. And in China, pre-series production is already underway at the plant in Anting, which is operated jointly with SAIC. According to an earlier announcement by VW, “an SUV from the ID. Family” is to go into production.

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Kenneth Bokor (EV REvolution Show)
21.01.2020 um 14:42
Carrie, you are correct. NY Auto Show is when the real reveal will take place. I'm excited and hearing that the pricing for this will be very, very competitive.A full roll out may take place this fall with some media events scattered throughout Canada and the USA.Also, initial ID.4's will be built in Germany and shipped to North American markets. This will initially be a North American targeted vehicle. Chattanooga will eventually take over production for NA markets in 2021 or 2022.
Mark Turner
09.02.2020 um 13:22
I see a few ID.4 and ID.3 models, running around my area on a daily basis this week. Sightings from 2020-02-04. Judging by the tail lights (strobing effects, red indicator colour instead of yellow indicators) I suspect they were manufactured in China? I live in South Africa.
jim stack
13.02.2020 um 16:54
we are waiting to see the ID4 Crozz available in the USA. It sounds like a great deal but most VW dealers in Arizona don't even have Level 2 chargers at their dealers yet. I'm in HOT Phoenix and some like the Nissan LEAF and KIA SOUL EV die like rocks in the HEAT. It will be very interesting to see how they do and when tye are really available at all dealers.
Tony Mathia
04.03.2020 um 23:13
I need full info te VW ID.4 Crozz as soon as they are confirmed to come to Canada. a VW owner since late ‘90s and will wait for the Crozz if it‘S promissed for mid-2021...

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