Jan 29, 2020 - 04:02 pm

Porsche Charging Service at 100,000 charge points

The Porsche Charging Service now provides access to more than 100,000 AC and DC charging points across ten countries. Porsche has effectively managed to double their number of charging points within a year. The German luxury car manufacturer has also now officially confirmed the prices Ionity set for its customers.

In a previous update, Porsche specified 49,000 charging points for its charging service in February 2019. In the course of the roaming-based charging service, Porsche, much like Tesla, has set up a network of charging points “for guests of selected hotels, golf courses or marinas”. The Porsche Destination Charging includes around 1,000 AC charging points.

The app can be used to find and activate the charging stations and uses a charging card. The app will also provide real-time information on the availability of the stations, and a rating function will allow users to check the reliability of the charging point as rated by other users. In order to enable better planning of the charging processes, the daily utilisation of the charging point is also displayed.

Parallel to the European market launch of the Taycan, 800-volt charging points are also to be installed “nationwide” at Porsche dealerships. In addition, the car manufacturer points out that more than 200 Ionity charging stations have now been opened. Here, Porsche now officially confirms that Taycan drivers only have to pay 33 instead of 79 cents for Ionity’s HPC columns via the Porsche Charging Service app. For Taycan customers, access is included for the first three years, after which the service costs 179 euros per year.

However, according to a price list dated 11/2019, Ionity is the only provider where Porsche Charging Service customers only pay for the charged electricity. With all other options, whether AC or DC with different charging capacity scales, a time component is charged in addition to the amount of current charged. Uniform prices apply per country; in Germany, these are 0.39 euro/kWh outside the Ionity stations, plus the time component, which depends on the charging capacity. This ranges from five euro-cents per minute for AC to 45 euro-cents for 350 kW chargers. For a five-hour AC charge, this adds 15 euros to the time charge and for a 20-minute HPC charge (not for Ionity) this amounts to 9 euros.



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