Porsche now offers charging in five more nations


Porsche is expanding the digital charging service it launched last year by five new countries and new functions. The good news is, drivers of other electric or plug-in hybrid cars may register and use the network too.

The platform now has a total of 49,000 charging points in twelve European countries. After Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Finland, the charging service is now also available in Norway, France, Spain, Great Britain and Italy.

One of the new features of the Porsche Charging Service is the option of a rating function. This tells you when an electric vehicle was last charged at a charging station and how up-to-date and reliable the information on the respective charging point is. The user guidance in the app and the navigation function have also been improved, says Porsche.

In Germany, using the Porsche Charging Service costs 2.50 euros per month as a base price. Also, there are charges for the charging processes themselves, which depend on the operator and the amount of electricity charged. The prices are displayed in detail and may include information regarding performance class/charging speed on request.

This move by VW’s most precious daughter reminds us of Audi. The brand’s charging service went online this week and includes ten European countries with another six to follow within the next months reportedly. Their base prices are almost twice as much as those from Porsche but still the Audi (e-tron) service is open to all users as well. Whether it builds on Porsche’s app or if the services could possibly be merged in future remains open at this stage.

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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