Bafang aims to cover price-effective pedelecs


The Chinese manufacturer Bafang has presented its new mid-engine drive system M200 for pedelecs in the entry-level segment. The drive system is already in series production and is already being used in several pedelecs in the second quarter of 2020.

The company based in Suzhou, near Shanghai says that the new M200 mid-drive can tap “considerable growth potential untapped in the entry-level category.” According to Fortune Business Insights, the electric bike market will be worth USD 46.04 billion by 2026. Bafang has noticed that not only is the demand for e-bikes steadily rising, but so are the prices. For this reason, the company says that the technical specifications of the M200 are targeting cost-effective solutions “clearly aimed at the needs of e-Citybikes and e-Trekking bikes”.

Presumably also to keep prices down, Bafang has simplified the design. The mechanics of the new drive have also been adapted. The M200 should manage with fewer gears, but be significantly quieter thanks to a combination of nylon and steel gears.

The new 250-watt motor, designed for speeds up to 25 kph, has a torque of 65 Newton meters and weighs 3.2 kilograms. Bicycle manufacturers can either purchase only the motor from Bafang or the complete drive system. They can choose between different battery sizes (from 450 to 600 Ah) and displays.

The Chinese company has also introduced the ‘Bafang E-Mobility Sales & Service Tool’, with which specialist dealers and the service department of the bike manufacturer are enabled comprehensive access to the data of the motor, battery, display, sensor(s) and control unit. This makes it possible to detect and correct errors, install software updates and, according to the company, to “better guarantee the reliable and smooth functioning of the drive system over its entire service life”.

At the end of last year, Bafang opened its first production facility outside of China in Wroclaw, Poland. The new plant should allow a faster supply for European customers.,


about „Bafang aims to cover price-effective pedelecs“
01.04.2020 um 12:51
"450 to 600 Wh" presumably, for the battery size :)
Pat Murphy
26.06.2020 um 10:40
Can you give me a price for the Bafang M200 kit and when it will be available please? Regards, Pat Murphy

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