Mercedes to offer AMG version of the EQS electric car


Mercedes offers its particularly powerful models, for example with specially developed V8 and V-12 engines under the AMG subsidiary. According to media reports, an electric Mercedes from AMG will soon be available.

A more powerful AMG version of the Mercedes EQS, which was presented as a concept at last year’s IAA, will also be available, reports Autocar. The AMG EQS is expected to be introduced in 2022 and will have a power output of at least 450 kW. The concept initially presented in 2019 will have an output of 350 kW with its two electric motors.

The EQS will be the first model based on Daimler’s scalable electric vehicle architecture (EVA). The skateboard body will not only allow flexible production of different models, but also different variants of a model. However, it is not known in detail how much the EQS-AMG will differ from the series EQS on the hardware side.

According to this, however, AMG has decided on a “modular strategy” for the electric powertrain. For example, the company, based in Affalterbach, is planning its own variants of the Mercedes EQE and the electric G-Class, which will presumably be called EQG, with the same drive. The electric drive for AMG was also developed to compete with the Tesla Plaid drive. But it remains to be seen whether AMG has also chosen a layout with three motors for this purpose, or whether the German company plans to go a different way.

The report further mentions a “limited number of powertrains” – Mercedes apparently does not want to offer the well-known variety with different engines and power levels any more.


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