May 17, 2020 - 05:42 pm

Tesla fast-tracks new Giga plant, Texas seems a winner


Tesla allegedly wants to build its planned next US plant in the Texan capital of Austin or the surrounding area of Austin. At least that is what Electrek reports, citing an insider privy to the plan. And the schedule for the new plant is hugely ambitious.

Before the end of the year, the Texas Tesla factory could churn out the first Model Y. The plan is to fast-track one assembly line and at the same time, build the rest of the new plant. From the end of 2021, the new Tesla plant will also produce the Cybertruck.

Electrek admits that sources say the decision for the site is not set in stone since Tesla was apparently given a few options in the greater Austin area. It is, however, not the first time, Tesla and Texas appear in one sentence. The state had been on the list of possible sites for a new Tesla production outlet since February. However, if the sources are to be believed, Giga Texas is now becoming a given.

This will be a disappointment to other states that had made their bids like most recently Missouri and Tenessee.

Besides, the Tesla boss had used the plans as a pawn to almost blackmail California to let him reopen the Fremont plant, yet a new Gigafactory was always on the map. Only the schedule within the year is astonishing. It would be an even more aggressive timeline than Giga Shanghai.

In China, Tesla secured a new loan only last week. Tesla may only use the funds for the expansion of automobile production at the Shanghai location. In addition to the existing Model 3 production, Tesla is currently building a second hall to make the Model Y in China.


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