Jun 2, 2020 - 05:51 pm

Polestar 2 drivers can use Plugsurfing in Europe

Polestar will be cooperating with Plugsurfing in Europe to offer its customers access to the 195,000 charging points of the Plugsurfing network. This should make public charging easier across national borders.

Every Polestar 2 is delivered in Europe with an RFID tag from Plugsurfing as standard. Using the Plugsurfing account as a payment and authentication solution, customers will have quick access to the various charging station operators bundled in the Plugsurfing offer.

Polestar plans to offer further services beyond the cooperation with the Berlin-based company Plugsurfing. “This international European partnership with Plugsurfing is the first of these solutions, and it paves the way for more partnerships which will also include national and local solutions,” says Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath.

Customers are to be informed about the offer in detail with the delivery of their Polestar 2 electric cars. The Swedish company has not said whether Polestar drivers will be eligible for special conditions on the Plugsurfing network. Polestar 2 drivers in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will be given a Plugsurfing app and charging key.

“Our focus is on delivering true value to customers by making public charging as easy as filling up with petrol,” says Adam Woolway, Plugsurfing co-founder. “Our obsession to innovate in a way that challenges the EV industry to move forward together is driven by this close, consolidated view on what we can do to improve the driver experience by making car charging easy.”

At the same time, Plugsurfing says that in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands “Plugsurfing Plus” will be offered as an additional service. The monthly subscription offers fixed prices for charging at AC and DC columns. According to the Plugsurfing website, the service costs 19.99 euros per month in Germany, for example, and then 0.34 euros per kilowatt-hour, including at Ionity columns.

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  1. Andy

    I would not rely too much on plugsurfing. I was charged €72 for a 21 minute charge of 4.7 kWh (yes it wasn’t even charging at full speed). Their customer service finally said I was overcharged – by €16!!!

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