Jun 11, 2020 - 03:28 pm

Caetano electric buses in operation for Abellio in London

Bus and rail operator Abellio is launching its first fleet of electric buses in London. This week the first five buses were put into operation on route P5. This will mark a total of 34 electric buses to the C10 and P5 bus routes.

The new electric buses are manufactured by Portuguese company CaetanoBus. The project marks the first use of Caetano’s electric buses in the UK. The project was announced last year.

Zenobe Energy is providing Abellio with an end-to-end solution, including financing, batteries, the charging system at the depot and a software platform which helps optimise energy use. The bus batteries will actually be owned and operated by Zeonobe energy.

The 10.7m e.City Gold models from CaetanoBus feature a low floor and zero-emission heating. The fully-electric buses also comply with TfL’s Bus Safety Standard specification. Feature camera monitoring systems replace traditional wing mirrors, and the buses have intelligent speed assist, acoustic vehicle alert system and a revised front design to improve road user safety specifically to better protect pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

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