Jun 22, 2020 - 03:54 pm

Date set for Tesla Battery Day in September

There is now a provisional date for Tesla’s Battery Day when the Californian company will be presenting the details of their cell production and will include the presentation of a “cell production system”.

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As Elon Musk has just announced, Battery Day will take place together with the annual investor meeting on 15 September 2020. The Tesla boss already tweeted about the plan to hold both events together on Saturday. At the time, he wrote that he hoped to be able to announce a date in the week after 4 July. It seems that planning went a little faster than expected because less than two days later, Musk tweeted the date for the shareholder meeting and Battery Day is now set for 15 September, a Tuesday. Musk not only wants to give the participants the long-awaited details about his cell production but also to guide them through the production plant.


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Musk also confirmed that the event would take place in Fremont, that is, provided it does not have to be postponed again. Tesla is also planning to locate the facilities for its Road Runner project in Fremont. The shareholder meeting scheduled for 07 July recently had to be postponed because no major gatherings are currently allowed in Alameda County due to the Coronavirus.

Tesla’s Battery Day has been awaited with some anticipation. In May just passed, Reuters claimed to have more details about Tesla’s battery cell plans: That the announced “million-mile” battery is expected to come in early 2021 at the latest and may break the 100$/kWh barrier. Earlier the same month there was a report Tesla has commissioned the South Korean company Hanwha to supply equipment for battery formation.

In the past few days, criticism had been voiced in the USA against the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Robyn Denholm. In April, the Board of Directors had decided that Tesla wanted to let its Directors & Officers insurances expire due to excessive premiums. This insurance functions as a kind of manager liability insurance. Now it seems that Musk will be using his private assets to insure the company’s senior managers. The Board of Directors did not see this as a personal financial dependence on Musk. In the meantime, two voting rights advisors have voiced criticism and have recommended voting against Denholm’s re-election.

Update 13 July 2020: After the eagerly awaited “Battery Day” of Tesla had to be postponed several times due to the pandemic, the date has now been officially fixed. It will take place together with the Tesla Annual General Meeting on September 22nd from 14:30 local time at the Fremont plant in California. This means that the provisional date mentioned by Musk in June has also had to be postponed by another week.

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