Jul 15, 2020 - 11:29 am

Polestar is eyeing Tesla closely

Volvo has imported a Tesla Model Y from the USA and registered it in Sweden to take a closer look. Volvo had already brought one of the then new Tesla Model 3 to Sweden in 2018 – and now, as is well known, offers a competitor for the Model 3 under its EV brand Polestar.

The Model Y will not generally be exported to Europe and supply here has been linked to the completion of the Gigafactory near Berlin, which is progressing as planned, however the environmental permit has not been completely granted. For the moment, Tesla has been permitted to lay the Gigafactory foundation, and construction continues under the assumption that it will work out. If all goes well, production is expected to start in July 2021.



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Found on electrive.com
15.07.2020 11:08