Aug 6, 2020 - 03:08 pm

The USA Audi e-tron 2021 comes with a $9,000 price cut

In the USA, Audi e-tron model year 2021 lines received an upgrade, including a lower entry pricing with a new Premium trim level. As a result, the e-tron SUV is offered at $65,900 starting MSRP for the model year 2021, down almost $9,000 from the starting MSRP of the model year 2019 Premium Plus e-tron.

Audi says that it has improved the utility of the e-tron lineup by means of a number of technical spec enhancements. The German carmaker says it has given the 2021 e-tron efficiency improvements through optimised drive system hardware and software adjustments. This has resulted in an EPA-estimated range of 222 miles (357 km), an increase of 18 miles, while the e-tron Sportback now has an EPA-estimated range of 218 miles (351 km).

The drive layout of  2021 e-tron is based on the concept with two different asynchronous motors (ASM), designed as a modular system from the beginning of the e-tron series. The range increase has been brought about by what Audi calls significant improvements with available battery capacity and efficiency. A number of optimisations have been made for more efficient configuration and the front electric motor is able to be completely disengaged which significantly reduces power usage when the motor is not needed. The front motor then only kicks in in combination with the rear motors when the driver demands more power or traction.

For the model year 2021 e-tron lineup, Audi has also increased the usable amount of the high voltage battery. This is an improvement of around 3 kWh more than the 2019 model so that a net energy figure of 86.5 kWh can be accessed of the 95 kWh battery.

The e-tron Premium will have a power tailgate, rear privacy glass and 20-inch wheels with a five-spoke design. Drivers will be able to make use of power-folding side mirrors with heating, dimming and memory functions. Other comforts included a heated steering wheel, heated front seats and a four-zone climate control system. Other features include a digital instrument cluster, Homelink and a lane departure warning system.

The e-tron and newly introduced e-tron Sportback are first and second fully electric models as part Audi’s promise to achieve 30 per cent of the US model lineup being fully or partially electrified by 2025. The already released 2020 e-tron Sportback will also now comes with a Premium trim costing cost $69,100 which is $8,300 less than the 2020 E-Tron Sportback Premium Plus.,,


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